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I love making cartoons. It took me a long time to get good at it. So I'm super happy to be finally doing it.

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My second entry, very different from the last

Posted by Cavebird - November 16th, 2008

Hi everybody, thank you for the great welcome last week.
Also thank you for seeing, scoring and reviewing Sudden Remakes 1
And yes Sudden Remakes 2 is in the works.
As to what it will be about I say: "Be afraid, be very afraid!"
So yeah I'll be delving into the horror genre and try to do something truly scary, but also silly.
But it will be a while, hard to project when I might have it done.

In the meantime here is a film the good people at Watershed Watch Salmon Society asked me to do.
It is a cry for help on behalf of the environment. Drawing attention to the plight of wild salmon and a specific threat they face.
While it is educational and scientifically grounded I did what I could to also make it entertaining.
This is a cause I believe in.
I hope you do too.

My second entry, very different from the last

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i like salmon in my mouth

As well you should!

I would have tweaked it a bit before posting it here, I mean I sat through the entire thing and my 15 year old attention span just sort of zoned out

I made this film for a client namely Watershed Watch.
The film communicates what they wanted to say in a way they wanted to say it.
In a way it is more the vision of marine biologists than my own.
I pushed for something more like the "Meatrix". (google it, highly recommended)
A lot of my ideas ended on the cutting room floor.
Still it was a good experience for me and I learned a lot.
And I do believe this is important information to get out.

Cant wait for it man. Looks good. Hey can i ask you where do you work. Im interested in animation and stuff and Im just wondering

Hi KartuneHustla, I work independently doing work on a freelance (contract) basis.
Some of the people at Watershed Watch are friends of mine.
The new technology like Flash and the internet make it possible to make on distribute a film of this sort on a very small budget. Environmental/scientific groups like Watershed Watch don't have much money to work with.

hahah oh, its already out. My bad

This video says a lot about one of our current ecosystems, and what major human interference has caused it to deteriorate over the years. Why, you should make an entire series of these to help inform people as to why we need to change our habits before it's too late.

I could not have done this without Watershed Watch.
I needed their expertise, also they paid for this film.
And I do have to eat, you know.
So yeah I would love to do more but I would need that kind of support again.

Thanks for the flash, it is a serious topic

I'm glad you think so, Reviever23

glad to see this won a daily award

there is hope for this site after all

This took me by surprise too,
The film started with a below 3.5 score and ended with highest score of the day.
People here (like yourself) really came out to support this.
I am grateful.

dude you rock at animating, i mean reaaaaaally rock.

Thank you, Penquin11 that makes me fell reaaaaaally good!

also, are you part of any other environmentalist groups....the bad thing is here in the US some envrio groups are frowned upon...I personally am looking for an environmental grou that looks out for one of the following
1. Yellow eyed-penguins
2.timber wolf
3. Cape fear shiner

I'm afraid Watershed Watch is the only group I'm currently in touch with.
It is awesome to hear how much you care for animals though.

Again. A really nice and informative movie. Loved the graphics.

Thank you, Slintas!

I already left a review for the flash itself, but is there anything someone can actually do about these salmon farms? I mean, its rather rediculous, now that I think about it.

I'm not some crazy animal advocate(though I don't agree with cruelity to them, but I will eat a hamburger and such, tahts what they're here for. But there's always a way to go about things. Anyway), but it really bugs me, because just think, if the salmon keep dying off or whatever, then that means the bears will be without food, along with the seagulls and whatever else feeds on them, and that can, in turn affect the rest of the ecosystem in small or big ways.

Thanks for opening my eyes, really.

You are very welcome

Incase you don't get a chance to read my review

Surprised that alot of the reviews have been very positive, considering that alot of the people here probably wouldn't care about anything like this lol, but this makes a pretty decent environmental video.

One thing that it sort of is missing though is that I think you should have stated some of the solutions to the problems that they're facing and what can we do as a person to help to solve these problems. You sort of didn't go too in dept on that because the only thing I heard was that we should watch what we're eating like what kind of salmon.

It's supposed to be really unhealthy to eat alot of farmed fish anyways though, because of pollution and many other reasons, but overall it was a pretty good vide and the animation was pretty smooth.

The one thing that I would change would be the voice.. the narrator's voice reminded me of like some of my highschool teachers or college professors because their voices are all so monotone and it just makes it really boring. If you play to make another documentary I'd suggest maybe to put more emotion into the voice like make it seem like this issue is important and people need to pay attention to it.

Good Job though. Looking forward to seeing more soon

Forgot like something else that you should of mentioned that could probably discourage people from eating certain types of farmed fish would be all the short term and long term side effects from the pollution that they would also be consuming if they ate the fish because then it would encourage them to make better choices of what kind of fish they plan on eating and to make sure that they eat wild fish not farmed.

Salmon deserve to be treated this way. After all, there are much better causes to root for than some stupid bottom eating fish that goes great with an everything bagel and butter, right? ;)

You really are talented i wish you make another one so more people will know how skillful you really are and what a nice future you are making for you. I hope you continue and dont stop not to waste the incredible talent you have. The movie is very good and i know i said youre good like 4 times, but... damn! it could be on TV.
i swear

Oh! and i forgot! it is nice to see someone sensitizing others with animations. I do care about animals. I'm, myself, very informed about enviromental problems such as gas pollution and oil slick killing lots of animals. I think everyone should be sensitive about the animals' fate. Some people seem to forget they do have a mind too. I wish it was different.
I believe in your cause, you're not the only one here.
And keep this up! Maybe you will be able to change something.

Thank you for caring, tripplenoob!

Are there any animations on your website or am I just not looking hard enough?

Hi Nuttro
I"m sorry to say on my Portfolio website there are mostly no animations,
Except in the animation folder there is a bit with my character Tommie (little boy with glasses) walking down a sidewalk that is really unique. So yeah I'm working on a new website.
Still there are some cool illustrations and comics on my Portfolio website I would recommend you check out.

great flash about salmon. very helpful to people who dont know about the deaths of many salmon because of the farms. i faved it gave it a 5.

Thank you, peacefulsniper!

i think that the art and animation was awesome and the story it self is awesome....

Thanks so much, Peglay