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I love making cartoons. It took me a long time to get good at it. So I'm super happy to be finally doing it.

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Comments (11)

you suck

aw that's mean! Didly12 didn't mean that he's just having a rough day =)

Well said, fredstermaster!

Hello <3

Hello Ragnarokia, thanks for stopping by.

You should have been a wank.

Love Sudden remakes 1. Funnest thing i have seen in years , mostly because of Arney.

Welcome. :)

Thank you so much.
My friend Nic, the voice of Karl, is obviously a big fan of Arney as well.

Hey just saw the awesome remake flash..lol
When Arnold gets out of the x-wing and starts going all commando was hilarious. Hope to see more from you peace.

Thank you for writing.
I'm happy you liked it.

Great stuff. Welcome to Newgrounds, can't wait to see more from you.

Thank you for the welcome, RubberNinja.
Great place to be.

lol very funny, wish I could give you some artwork of mine or ideas:(
Not that you need them but I suck at flash....

Good name full-metal-albatross. You're the guy who hates the music on my film, yes?
I thought my composer friend did very well. It was never intended to be great music but a riff on John William's score.

Ich glaube du kannst wegen dem Namen mit Tom reden... soweit ich weiß hat er schon vorher Namen geändert.
Arnie war genial xD

I think you can talk to Tom about the name-problem... He has changed names in the past as far as I know.
Arnie was hilarious xD

Why bilingual? Because I can.

Vielen Dank!
Many thanks
I'll check that out

Fantastic first installment bra! Not bad at all. I can only foresee them getting better from here. I'ma keep my eye on you man! you got yourself a fan from Jamaica >:]

Making a film like this is a big learning experience. So I'm sure I've become a better animator in the process. Next I'll be posting a couple of films very different from Sudden Remakes. I hope you'll like those too.

Thanks heaps for writing, Crystal-Jawz.

you have skills

Eh, yes. Thank you.

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